Aveden Equestrian


Aveden Equestrian is a boutique dressage training and breeding facility, situated in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, 25 kms from Australia's most easterly point Cape Byron.


With over 20 years of professional experience in the production and training of elite performance horses from conception through to sport, we are passionately committed to further building on the already remarkable benefits demonstrated through combining classical dressage training with positive reinforcement training techniques. 

















Kris Bown 


Kris has a solid demonstrated background in producing high-end performance horses from conception, to preparation for sale as elite ridden horses and the development of young horses through to FEI level.  Whilst dressage focused, he has extensive experience in training horses with behavioural problems and works regularly with members of the western riding community with great results.


Exposure and training across a range of high level international competition stables and trainers, as well as hands-on involvement in the background of international elite level equestrian sport, has greatly influenced him as a coach and trainer.


Kris is a highly energetic, passionate and dedicated coach, who enjoys working with progressive-minded riders across all levels and disciplines, from junior preliminary riders through to FEI level competitors.

Helping riders achieve more effective and positive training outcomes through better communication with their horses.



Experience and Credentials

Ullrich and Belinda Klatte’s Stables (Queensland, Australia)                                                       

Auction Rider 



Overview - Here Kris gained extensive experience in warmblood breeding and the production of high-end performance horses from conception, including artificial insemination, through to preparation for sale as elite ridden horses.  It was during this time that he became intensely interested in acquiring an in depth knowledge of genetics and blood lines.


During this time he was introduced to starting young horses through natural horsemanship based techniques and prepared dozens of 3 year old warmbloods as ridden horses for sale.

The results, via clearer communication through recognition of the way horses communicate, had a profound effect on him which sparked an early interest in exploring combinations of natural and classical training techniques to provide more positive outcomes for horse and rider.























Rod Brown, Australian National Show Jumping Coach (Sydney, NSW Australia)                          

Riding Position



Overview – Rod was a competitor at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and has produced many of Australia's top international riders.  He was recently awarded a lifelong achievement award by Equestrian Australia.

During this time Kris met with the Australian team members who were training at Rod’s stable in preparation for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.  He was fortunate enough to travel with the team as Groom to the World Cup Finals in Geneva, which was an international qualifier for the Atlanta Games.

This was Kris's first introduction to international competition and he was exposed to all aspects of preparation involved for both horse and rider to compete at an elite level. He also met valuable contacts in the industry which has enabled Kris in recent years to act as a bloodstock agent for Australian clients wanting to import top German performance horses. 


The quality of horses and riders ignited his passion to concentrate solely on dressage from that point forward.











































Kris and "Pocket Rocket"


Breeding Property Established (Queensland, Australia)  



Overview – Designed and project managed the development and construction of a

purpose built breeding facility.


With the support of his family Kris started a breeding property in Queensland, where over time and utilising his knowledge of genetics and bloodlines, Kris gathered a select group of mares to start breeding and producing warmblood performance horses. Establishing the property included improved pasture paddocks, irrigation, fencing, stable complex, indoor breeding facility, foaling down stables, dressage arena, round yard and a large family home.


His key focus during this time was to establish a viable business through the development of a top class equestrian facility, careful selection of breeding stock and producing quality performance horses.  At the same time he continued coaching clients, however his personal competition objectives were purposely put on hold.














Aveden Equestrian formed (Queensland, Australia)



Overview – The sale of the established breeding property enabled the acquisition of a larger parcel of land in Queensland’s breeding hub and the formation of Aveden Equestrian.


Whilst continuing with preparing progeny and client’s horses under saddle, as well as delivering an increasing number of coaching clinics, three State Premium mares were imported from Germany which gave Aveden the edge in producing international quality performance horses.


Kris campaigned the imported mares, with Avedens Finesse receiving an annual award from the Dressage Queensland Committee for runner-up Preliminary Horse of the Year in her debut year, as well as receiving many wins and championship titles.


Progeny have been sold to the Thai Royal Family, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Australia-wide to leading competition riders, including Australian Olympic representatives Peter and Michelle McMahon.

During this time Kris was being coached by Mrs Julie Smith who was a National A-Level Judge and German trained FEI competitor.  Continuing to explore the natural/classical breaking-in process of numerous horses whilst studying and attending clinics in Australia (including Monty Roberts).

              Kris and "Mirage"  

           Belcam Auction 1993

Aveden Adagio

exported to Thailand

Aveden Adore

purchased by Michelle Lang-Mcmahon 



Trained in Germany under

Holga Finken



Overview - Kris was fortunate to have an amazing opportunity to train in Germany under multiple world champion Holga Finken. Holga has produced numerous FEI horses, multiple world title winning young horses including Furst Heinrich, Wie Weltmeyer and Olympic Gold Medalist Salinero, ridden by Anky Van Grunsven.  Olympic gold medalist Kristina Sprehe also had horses in training at Finken’s stables.

As well as learning through Holga and his stable of international quality FEI and young horses, his lead Bereiter at the time was Isabelle Freese (Bache), who is the current 4 year old World Championship title holder.  Kris was also very fortunate to have spent time training with piaffe/in-hand master Wolfgang Graatop, who worked for many of Germany's top FEI riders, and Bimbo Pielicke who also regularly visited the stables to train. 


In 2007 he returned to Holga Finken’s in Germany and accompanied Holga and his team who were competing at the World Young Horse Championships in Verden, then returning to Holga’s stables to train with him for an additional four weeks. Upon returning to Australia Kris continued to refine and develop his training techniques, applying his experiences within the Aveden stable and with his students.


At that point Kris felt inspired to proactively further explore and close the gap between natural and classical training techniques on the ground and in the saddle.  The experiences and time spent with in-hand master

Mr Graatop during his initial time at Holga's stables profoundly influenced this inspiration.


Training at Holga Finken's



Aveden Equestrian relocated interstate


Overview – The sale of the Queensland property saw the relocation of Aveden Equestrian to northern New South Wales and the establishment of a smaller-scale boutique equestrian facility. 


The focus at this time was to downscale the breeding program and concentrate on building the business based on producing riders, horses, the Aveden competition team and for Kris to reignite his personal competition objectives.


The success of any stable and rider is contingent on having a passionate and experienced team involved.  Nicky Brown (Stable Manager) and Susie Raw (Groom) share the same dedication in managing the horses in our stables in a caring and intelligent way.

   Nicky Brown (Stable Manager)

with Avedens Five Star

 Susie Raw (Groom)


     and the rest of the 'stable crew' - left to right;        Chops La Beu, Billy Bob, Toby Tobes

and Pocket Rocket (front row)